Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yesterday's Bespoke closing commentary: right, that's it, I'm subscribing.

I've been pleasantly free of all paid newsletter subscriptions for maybe a year now, and I've enjoyed it. Frankly, most of it is a distraction, and I've since learned the value of simplicity and a clear head.

But then I see this from Bespoke and I just have to act:

Bespoke - closer commentary for Aug 5. Wherein we get this shining gem of perspective:
US equities sold off aggressively today after….nothing, really. There was no credible catalyst for the lightning quick move down from 1930 on the S&P 500 at 1:30 PM to 1917 at 1:44 PM and eventually the lows of the day at 1913 around 2:10 PM. The moves today were disorderly, choppy, and didn’t feel sensible to us; not to say that the market ought to have been higher today, or that it ought to have been down less. Rather, we were surprised at how markets were moving all day today, right from the start.
The last time I subscribed to them, a few years ago, I had no use for their special stock screening services or much of their other data. But I always got my money's worth from paying attention to their unbelievably calm, measured, sensible broad market commentary. It was an invaluable counterpoint to the hyperbolic doom-porn being spread about in the press - this was during the early US recovery, in the runup to the Euro disaster, so there was a lot of hyperbole to combat.

These guys have a "model portfolio" which has handily beat the S&P over the past couple years, so their talk is obviously more than bravado; they do actually know how to make money.

So when I get a chance I think I'll sub to their service again ASAP.

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