Friday, August 22, 2014

Cambridge House Toronto - oh crap I almost forgot

So I suddenly remembered that there's a yearly goldbug exhibit thing in Toronto in September, and wouldn't it be nice to go?

Cambridge House - Canadian Investor Conference. Wait, what? You changed the name?

The Canadian Investor Conference Toronto, previously the Toronto Resource Investment Conference will be held at the Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel. Three industries will come together for this 2-day event to cover RESOURCE, TECHNOLOGY and DIVERSIFIED investment opportunities. Companies in Mineral Exploration, Oil & Gas, LNG, Agriculture, Life Sciences, Energy Metals, Technology and Real Estate will exhibit. Top industry analysts, newsletter writers, c-suite executives, hedge fund managers, trends forecasters and finance celebrities will cover speculative and direct investments and strategies, economic outlook and macro trends.

Wait, what? Gas? Agriculture? Technology and Real Estate?

What happened to gold?

Pre-register online for free admission or pay $20 at the door.

Wait... what?!?

Pay $20 at the door?!?

Wow. Looks like there's no more shitty gold juniors who want to lay out a few thousand dollars on an exhibit in Toronto. Looks like that income stream is long gone, so now Cambridge House has to "diversify" into the other shitty scam stocks of the V and the X.

Even the speaker list is crappy.

OK, so there's Kaiser. And I've seen Danielle Park hitting these things over a past couple years. Calandra and GATA are no surprise. Westie has stayed away from Toronto (or not been offered a spot) these past couple years but now he's back.

But who are all these other clowns on the speaker list?

And there's no Cookie, no Jojo, no Mickey Fulp.

Hell, there's not even a bullion dealer on the exhibitor list. How am I supposed to buy gold and silver coins there?

That looks pretty darn bullish for the junior gold scene right there.


  1. Dude, that exhibitors list... seriously thin gruel. Notice how a few on the list are doubled up just to pad out numbers, eg Visual Capitalist and Tickerscores...same thing, same company, same booth. Equally the Yukon thing (booth 614/620).

    And as for the quality, ugh. There are precisely two juniors i'd be interested in talking to. The rest are between zero interest and "wow, they haven't gone bust yet".

    So yup, that's a bullish signal. But gotta wonder how many more bullish signals before the market starts picking up.

  2. Holy Shit, are the holding this in the third level parkade at the Sheraton?