Saturday, August 23, 2014

TV series idea: Midnight at the Bouncy Castle

I came up with an awesome idea for a TV series:

Midnight at the Bouncy Castle

There's this guy who runs a childrens' entertainment company, with clowns and musicians and a bouncy castle and magicians and a ventriloquist and stuff.

But in reality, it's just a front for a secret organization that fights demons and vampires. And the clown is like a martial artist and the magician does real magic and stuff.

The ventriloquist's dummy is actually the leader of the organization; he's some ancient demon-hunter who got turned into a dummy a hundred years ago, like Sid from Buffy Season 1.

Oh and hey - they have a maintenance guy who's in charge of setting up the bouncy castle and running the generator and stuff, but in reality he's some invincible Qi-Gong master who can kill anything just by waving his hand. But he hardly ever gets involved in the fights cos he's usually too busy sitting around reading porn, like Jimmy the Janitor in Todd & the Book of Pure Evil.

So it'd be a funny piss-take on shows like Buffy, except also it could be serious and dark and stuff. But all the time you have the absurdity and the dissonance of stuff like clowns who are deadly cold-blooded martial artists.

Who should I pitch this idea to?


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