Sunday, August 3, 2014

This week's most popular posts

Here's this week's most popular posts on the blarg:

1. Waiting for the Faber signal. Either a lot of Faber fans, or a lot of people who laugh at him who agree with me that the market hits a bottom the second that Faber calls "dooooom" in Business Insider.

2. EBOLA OUTBREAK IN AMERICA IMMINENT: here's what you need to wharrgarbl. For best blogging results, make sure to use both capslock and fearmongering. Another lesson I learned from Joe Weisenthal.

3. Sarah McLachlan and Frank Giustra. Because that's all we have for famous people in this country, I guess.

4. New theory about gold and miner charts. Dunno why a serious post was popular this week. Maybe because people were reading the comments section?

5. Some noontime noos. It was probably only popular cos the market was puking that day and so people decided to turn to crazy-people blogs for explanations of why.

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