Monday, August 25, 2014

The Globe & Mail on Verdmont Capital and the "dot-bong" era (ha!)

I was checking what Tommy the Hump has been up to, and that led me to Verdmont Capital's blog, and they have been lurking about reading my blog for a while. They led me to this article:

Globe and Mail - investors take aim at Canada's medical marijuana industry. Quote:

The burgeoning sector is drawing comparisons to the dot-com boom of the late 1990s when investors rushed in to take advantage of a hot sector, and were duped by bold promises of future earnings that never materialized, while companies with Internet-related businesses cashed out on their inflated valuations.

Not surprisingly, the dot-bong era in Canada, as it’s been dubbed, comes with a healthy dose of investor-beware.

The way Mr. Rosen sees it, Canada’s medical marijuana sector is a land of opportunity that’s also fraught with risk. With each site he visits – more than 100 and counting – he must figure out which companies are worth investing in, which will go on to become licensed producers, and which firms should be avoided.

Who the hell dubbed it that, Grant? Cos that's a very funny name.

Except that .bong is not a TLD suffix. So it's actually a stupid name.

Anyway, CBC just ran a story on Sunday where they noted that all three main parties in Canada are now pro-pot.

1. The Little Prince is for total legalization;

2. the NDP is for "decriminalization", which is their way of saying "we have 97 seats for the first time in ever and don't want to jeopardize things by actually taking a position on anything and putting our tiny shrunken testicles on the line";

3. and even the Margaret Thatcher's Decomposing Head Up Our Asses Party is in favour of "decriminalization, except don't call it that because that makes us sound like the NDP, and we're making fun of them being in favour of decriminalization so we can't be seen in favour of it, but no really we're in favour of decriminalization too, except in our case it's decriminalization with Margaret Thatcher's decomposing head up our asses".

Apparently it's going to be an election issue-nonissue, in that if you want to vote against decriminalization of pot you're going to have to vote for some joke group like the Christian Heritage Party. Whoever wins will have the mandate of decriminalization - though the Conservatives probably won't do anything, since I expect they're only mouthing the words to trick people into thinking they don't have Margaret Thatcher's decomposing head rammed way up their bungholes.

So really, these companies should actually be able to make a lot of money in the future without having to play the bullshit game of "medical marijuana", eh?

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