Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Somebody asked Google to take down an IKN post re: Liberty Silver

So here's IKN today:

IKN - Jemi Fibre blah blah blah

where IKN is back to old form.

Except the original link at the bottom of that post went to a repost of an IKN writeup on Liberty Silver, from IKN 179, which no longer exists on the internet. At least not in Canada, anyway.

The blogspot.ca writeup has been deleted off the blogspot system "in response to a legal request submitted to Google", as you'll find out if you follow that particular link.

Informatively, that takedown notice gives you a link to a chillingeffects.org file where you can see who submitted the takedown request.

And guess who submitted the takedown request?

The Midas Letter.

But you can still read IKN's writeup at these other addresses


among others.

UPDATE: actually, it turns out that IKN's either been drinking too much or not enough, because he damn well wrote about all of James West's post takedowns two years ago.

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