Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some Tuesday noontime noos

Here's some news for today:

Evan Soltas - calls bullshit on this whole secular stagnation thingie. He asserts that the secular stagnation thesis, being an extraordinary assertion, requires data to back it up beyond what we have. Personally, I'm starting to think that it's just a made-up fantasy from a bunch of economists who want to convince themselves that they're living in special times and have discovered something new.

Bespoke - range-bound Russell. My own bet is that it goes to new all-time highs, since the QQQ and SPY already have.

Ritholtz - spotting bullshit in the news. Unfortunately, he should have gone one further, and explain how to spot bullshit in people who are trying to spot bullshit. The continued love for childish Republican fairy-tales and the Russian state-funded propaganda at Zerohedge indicate that there are good ways and bad ways to distrust the media.

Krebs on Security - secret messages embedded in Google Translate. This is just damn spooky, and probably is evidence of some deep Google Translate hack. Either that or it's the ghost of Jorge Luis Borges.


  1. love that Krebs link. Though you should talk about it close to goldbugs, they'll forget about gold.