Monday, August 18, 2014

Some news items

Three blind newsbits, see how they run:

Bespoke - a different kind of second half. Apparently, the second half of each quarter has been a lot more positive than the first half of each quarter. That suggests that when you get the market to stop thinking about bullshit particulars like Chinese chicken or how much Walmart sucks, the underlying bias for the market is an upward drift.

Liz Ann Sonders - market players still piddling their pink panties over nothing. Liz (and a couple other people but we don't really care about them) authors an article pointing out that the US economy is still doing fine. I found this chart particularly interesting:

How is that kind of increase in domestic US oil production not a tremendous tailwind for the economy?

Bespoke - prices at the pump still falling. Which is a boon for the consumer. I mean, if you fucking capitalist scumbags aren't going to give them a raise to a living wage, they can still save money at the pump, right?

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