Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Some morning news

There's a tiny bit of stuff worth reading this morning:

Ritholtz - no, student loans aren't going to crush the economy. Here's the data that proves that those blogging clowns you've been reading who are screaming about student debt as The Next Subprime are fucking idiots who prattle on based on a headline number. That they want to eliminate student loans, by the way, might just be because they want to stop poor people going to university.

Economic Times - rainfall's going to suck over north India. So the harvest ain't going to be great. Although this chart from Reuters is interesting:

The trend in harvests over the years has been upward, so another 80% rainfall season like 2009 might only bring output to 230Mt. Which won't really kill gold demand. Then again, "80%" is an uninformative number that can mean either slightly substandard rainfall everywhere, or regional collapses. We'll just have to wait and see. In any case, it's the south that buys the most gold per capita.

IKN - slapping people in the balls is fun. He's most recently been slapping Bobby Genovese in the balls over the whole Jemi Fibre thing. I eagerly wait the release of I Slap On Your Balls 2, probably later today.

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