Friday, August 1, 2014

so I shorted VIX at the open

So I bought HVI (the TSX-listed Horizons short VIX ETF) at the open for around $30.45 or so. That corresponds to an XIV of 39.4 or so and a VIX of 16.6 or so.

We'll see how we do.

Bespoke, Liz Ann Sonders, and my own distaste for Ritholtz and Brown convinced me.

I dunno if I'll hold out for the Bollinger mean, or only hold out to +1SD before selling.

Bill McBride says the ISM was good, consumer sentiment was uninteresting, and the July employment report showed an uptick in unemployment which should appease the permadoomers.

Yet the robots might still decide to puke everything today.

Because America.

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