Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rosenberg now says the next recession is at least 4 years away, the fucking clown

Pragmatic Capitalism - Rosenberg the fucking clown now says the next recession is 4 years away.

On the one hand, Rosie has shown at least a couple braincells' worth of intelligence by getting off the Doomer Train before it entered the Tunnel of Looking Like a Fucking Idiot During the Best Year of the Market. Then again, maybe it just shows he has slightly more desire to stay in business than some asshat like Faber; I'm sure his clients at Gluskin Sheff must have been interrogating him about exactly why they should have avoided making money on that there 1000-point gain in the S&P.

But on the other hand, Rosie was still a doomer long after the market proved him wrong. So you can still put this guy in the clown bin and just leave him there from now on.

Any moron can get the past year right; any moron can get a 10-year secular bull market right. It takes someone with intelligence to get the past 6 years right, and David Rosenberg has demonstrated he is not someone with intelligence.

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