Friday, August 15, 2014

OMGWEALLGONNADIE PART TWO: the omgweallgonnadie-ening

Thankfully, on the market going "clunk" at about 10:45, I was able to quickly puke my $VIX shorts and make a few thou profit.

Now the market is crashing again, on disinformation from Zerohedge.

Basically, there was yet another Russian APC column entering the Ukraine, and the Ukrainians shelled it.

The aid convoy is something entirely different, they're still waiting at the border with Red Cross meeting them.

But the Zerohedge Soviet disinformation, combined with OMG stories that Soros has bought junior miners and SPY puts, has got the market diving to end the week.

Here's the VIX at this second with a tightened Bollinger period of 9:

And like I said Wednesday or Thursday, by a 9-period Bollinger the VIX was -2SD and a little too happy, so I guess this little correction was to be expected. Earlier this morning I was kinda suspicious that $VIX had already dropped to 12, so I was kinda waiting to be disappointed anyway.

So meh.

I eagerly await a chance to re-short $VIX at another advantageous point, if it even happens. I'm doubtful, cos I don't want to do it today and be short $VIX thru the weekend; but if everything is fine Monday, $VIX might move back down on its own and I'll miss out.

Oh well. 8% win for a couple weeks' work. Now I get to stay in a high-cash position over the weekend.

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