Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Here's stuff, now read it:

Calculated Risk - architectural billings index highest since 2007. Sometimes you just can't argue with the data, right? I mean you can argue with the data, but only if you're a moron who has no clue what the data means.

Bespoke - continued pickup (A HA HA HA!! OH FUCK I SHAT MYSELF!) in auto sales. Do that again, Justin, and I'll hunt you down and kick your balls in.

Jim Cramer - this market is despised. There was another good article a few days ago that basically pointed out every single person out there is always buying the dip. So tell me something, Barry - why should you even expect a 10% correction? I mean, ever? If everyone buys the dip, and if there's still a lot of money on the sidelines, then how the hell does market physics produce a 10% correction? - interview with Pierre Lassonde. Strangely, Sprott have decided to start doing feature interviews with real businessmen who know what they're doing. Have they realized that there's no money left in stupid people?

NY Times - there are two Americas. How is it even a surprise that poor people search the internet for diets, guns and apocalyptic religion? But I think the author mixes it up: the reason these people are poor is because they're fucking fat racist gun-nuts who are waiting to get raptured.

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