Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday news delivery

Here's a bit of less consequential stuff:

New Deal Demoncrat - all the forward indicators look great. So quit your whining.

Calculated Risk - the recovery in US heavy truck sales continues. So the US is still growing, and has a lot of room left to grow.

Mineweb - China's gold imports drop again. Because it's suddenly not cool for a minor party official to be hiding their fortune in gold bullion. By the way, do you think Goldman will see their $1050 2014 gold call proven correct?

IKN - ha ha Clive sucks. Now he's just being a meanie.

Ritholtz - you guys all suck at math. I see this all the time with newsletter writers who have no clue how ratios work, or why you should use log scales in charts.

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