Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kun Huang finally out of prison, sues Silvercorp (in Canada obviously)

IKN has his own "usual suspects" that he likes to keep an eye on, and I have Silvercorp.

Kun Huang, the researcher who got tossed into a Chinese prison after instigation by Silvercorp, is now suing them for defamation, false imprisonment and corruption of officials:

Globe and Mail - Canadian sues Silvercorp for false imprisonment in China. Quote:
Now, in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Mr. Huang claims that Silvercorp masterminded his detention as a reprisal for his research, whose publication prompted a steep decline in the company’s share price.

Silvercorp, his court filing claims, effectively enlisted the local Chinese police as its “agent,” giving them money, encouragement and guidance “to falsely imprison and then later knowingly bring baseless criminal charges against Mr. Huang.”

I have no clue about how these sorts of cases work, but I'd be worried the court may simply accept the detention as legal under Chinese law (such as it is) and dismiss the case. Does he have to first prove the corruption before the imprisonment can be argued to be "false"?

Anyway, the Vancouver Sun has a much better story, with video too:

Vancouver Sun - Vancouver stock researcher sues BC mining firm. Quote:
A Canadian researcher who was jailed for two-and-a-half years in China for a crime he says did not happen sued a Vancouver-based mining company in B.C. Supreme Court this week for defamation, false imprisonment and corruption of foreign officials in relation to his incarceration.

Kun Huang, a 37-year-old University of B.C. graduate, was released from prison last month, then deported home to Vancouver, where he filed a claim that reads like a spy thriller. He alleges that Silvercorp Metals used its influence on public officials in China as well as financial support to punish him in retaliation for a report he contributed to that caused Silvercorp’s shares to plummet.

“As a result of Silvercorp’s intentional wrongdoing and its utilization of the (local police) as its agent, Mr. Huang ... was subjected to years of false imprisonment with predictable deleterious effects on his mental and physical health,” states the claim.

Anyway, I'm hoping that he wins and fucks Silvercorp into the ground for millions in damages.

(PS yay! This is post #4000!)

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