Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Krugman illustrates why professors should read outside their core competency

Krugginator - the anti-intellectual attack on Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The Nazi Review - Neel is a fag cuz hes smrt.

Yes, Krugs, the right wing hates intelligent people because the right-wing political program is based on ignorance and hatred of science.

Then again, they also hate NDT because he's spent the past few months trolling them on Cosmos, making fun of evolution deniers and other mud-hut stone-age flat-earth idiots.

But most centrally, the American right-wing is a populist authoritarian movement, and populist authoritarians have always used anti-intellectualism to round up support among the peasant classes.

Sociology is the key to understanding otherwise-incomprehensible ignorance, so how's about I point you towards an article on the topic to get you started:

Wikipedia - anti-intellectualism.

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