Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How often is Bob Hoye stupendously wrong? It's more likely than you think

Someone searched my blog for Bob Hoye today.

It got me to searching for old Hoye predictions.

Check it out:

Safe Haven - Pivotal Events 22 Sep 2010. Quote:
Our April 22nd Pivot included our Checklist For A Top and concluded the best was in for the big rebound.

Wrap: The stock market seems to be enjoying the September sunshine and this week could conclude the move. The DX as well as the gold/silver ratio are indicating a change to adversity, and Ross notes that slipping below S&P 1115 would set the next tradable decline. Adversity could be tempered by the possibility of a significant set-back to Washington's radicals.
He's a bit incomprehensible, but it really does seem there that Hoye called a top in the market.

Well? Since then how has Hoye's call done?

Looks like his top call sucked. Unless of course by "top" you mean "the US equity market will never be this low ever again in the history of mankind, and in fact over the next four years we'll see an 80% gain".

I found another, earlier post of his where he was calling a top in April 2009; but I won't even waste your time. The only reason I'd go into that earlier, equally stupid call would be to illustrate that Hoye doesn't even learn from his incredibly bad calls.

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