Thursday, August 28, 2014


Gawker - the sound of Atlas shrugging. According to the article, Galt's Gulch Chile has turned out exactly how you would expect a libertarian paradise to turn out. Here's a quote from the blog of Canadian hero libertarian anarchist Wendy McElroy, which is the basis for the Gawker story:

A GGC celebration was held in November 2013. The alleged purpose was for people to finalize the selection of lots and other paperwork. No selection took place because no zoning permits had been obtained. A GGC celebration was held this April, with my husband and me in attendance. Indeed, I was the opening speaker. (BTW, I have made no money from the project other than the speaking fee.) The alleged purpose was for people to finalize the selection of lots and other paperwork. No selection took place because no zoning permits had been obtained.

Unbeknown to most purchasers, dramatic changes had occurred behind the scenes. Through maze-like transfers of cash and authority, Jeff Berwick was shoved out of the project and Ken Johnson was in control. I have sorted out most of the obfuscating tangle and I may soon be writing a history of the labyrinthine matter. For the moment, suffice it to say there is basis for various lawsuits; some are being pursued.

There will be no zoning for the 1.25-acre lots or other arrangements of less than 10 acres. Lots over 10 acres are beyond my ken. GGC is an environmentally protected area and it would take the political movement of heaven and earth to allow a community based on small lots to be officially approved. I had the opportunity to ask a question of the salesman who showed my husband and me "our property." I claimed it because I fell head over heels for the most beautiful tree I've ever seen. I felt an instant connection as though the two of us were old souls who had found each other. I could believe it, I could see it... waking up each morning and having coffee under that tree, telling it about my plans for the day. Months later, in a Skype conference, I asked the then-GGC-alienated salesman, "When you 'sold' us the property, when you printed out a photo from your phone that read 'Wendy's tree,' did you know you could not legally sell us the lot you were offering?" He said, "That is correct."

I suppose there is some comfort in being fleeced in good company, in being in the company of some of the smartest businessmen in the movement. I am not reassured. Perhaps it is because I am an Irish peasant and what reassures me is owning the land under my feet.

Alternately, maybe it's because you're a sucker who takes the works of a bitter welfare-bum sci-fi author seriously.

Have fun looking at your tree picture.

BTW, isn't it great to live in a country where property rights are enshrined by law, with a legal process that can be pursued to ensure you don't get screwed? Too bad about having to pay taxes for that, eh? It'd be a lot nicer to live in a fucking meticulously-constructed fantasy world where things always magically turn out fantastic for you because Capitalism.

UPDATE: Berwick himself chimes in with confirmation of much of the above. Turns out there's more than one sucker out there.

But we can all be sure that this will all be corrected by market forces, as long as there's no government interference.




  1. And Cambridge House brings this Fuckwit to their shows as a guest speaker in Vancouver.

    No honor among thieves.

    1. To PDAC's credit, they only had to invite him once to figure it out.

  2. I would suggest looking up Robert Hare and his very readable works on psychopaths. They lie, they steal, they are very convincing.
    I cannot believe people did not run for the door as soon as it felt weird.

  3. And...