Thursday, August 14, 2014

BILL MCBRIDE IS TOTES AMAZEBALLS: here's what you need to know

Oh dear me, I have to go check the Friday video I have scheduled, to make sure that it doesn't offend anyone's frickin' sense of taste.

Meanwhile, here's the news:

Calculated Risk - I am totes amazeballs and Achuthan is teh dumz. You are right Bill, you definitely are totes amazeballs and Achuthan definitely is teh dumz.

Ed Yardeni - S&P earnings growing solidly. Um... what direction does the market go in when earnings are growing solidly, do you think?

Bespoke - Dow now less oversold, brown cow. Um, does anyone remember why they puked McDonald's and Amex? Can one of you stock market professionals out there ask some of your buddies why they puked McDonald's and Amex? Did they do it because junk bonds went down 4%? I see. Well, do they at least feel stupid now? If you'd like, pass them a link to my blog and I can make them feel stupid for you.

FT Alphaville - Eurozone is dooooomed. Do you fascist austerian pigs at the FT finally admit that austerity only screws things up, and Krugman was right all along? Hm?

FT beyond brics - has Modi really been that bad so far? I guess the fascist pigs in the West are getting tired of waiting for Modi to wave the Holy Handbag of Margaret Thatcher and rescue India from sociamalism and backwardness.

Mineweb - China gold demand drops 52%. Uh-oh! I guess that's what happens when you clamp down on corruption in China, eh? But demand also dropped in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Uh-oh!

Yahoo News - markets advance on Putin saying nice things. Seriously? Does anyone care what he says? Even his girlfriend Merkel stopped listening to him a month ago.

FT Alphaville - fuck the cops. What reason do cops have for wearing army camo? Hint: it's green camo, not urban camo. Answer: because when you wear army camo and carry an army gun, you think you're in the army and your country has given you the right to kill everyone you march against.

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