Friday, August 1, 2014

And some more news

VIX has run off against me, but I guess I can double down at 19 if it gets there. Unlike gold miners, you can double down on a losing short VIX bet.

Here's some midday news:

Bespoke - ISM survey shows less pricing pressure. In which case, I guess the Fed isn't going to taper earlier than expected and you can quit selling the damn S&P.

New Deal Demoncrat - on the July jobs report. He thinks the wage increases aren't anything to get worked up about. Then again he's a lefty.

Krugginator - there's simply no case in the data for tightening now. He also looks at charts.

WSJ Moneybeat - food bets dwindle as el Nino disappears. Izzat so? Well, in that case, maybe that's good for gold. As long as India's crops haven't been destroyed by the poor rainfalls so far, of course.

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