Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weird news, because boring news is boring

The boring market news has been boring, so here's some weird and silly news instead:

BBC - Chinese spies hack Canada's National Research Council. They obviously are interested in our recent research into producing donuts with maple syrup. Either that or they're becoming concerned with the number of injuries they're seeing from touch icing, and are trying to find out if we've found a solution here.

Right Wing Watch - God gave Alabama coal, so coal plant regulations violate the will of God. In other news, the Alabama Public Service Commission's president is named Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh. And yes, that's a dude. Twinkle. No really, read the article, I'm not making this up. - Goldrea Resources quits the V, relists on the X. Quote:
James Elbert comments, "By selling the Rushan/Daye property in China earlier this year, the Company extinguished approximately four million dollars of debt. This allows Goldrea to focus on mineral projects in North America and places the company in a positive cash position. Along with developing our core holdings, we plan to explore the current ripe environment for deeply discounted quality properties. Our move to the CSE is a positive step in the Company's administration, and we look forward to robust growth in the coming years."
James Elbert comments, "My company had nothing but a pile of debt and some moosepasture, now we have no debt and no prospects. It felt pointless for us to continue trading on the Venture, especially now that it's become impossible to raise money even from family and Canadian singer-songwriters. Besides, retail can trade on the X just as easily now, and they don't read audited financials anyway."
A good start!

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