Thursday, July 17, 2014

Taking care of something from my bucket list

One of the things I want to do at some point in my life is get an outrageous degree from a diploma mill.

Apparently, the topic is making the rounds again after some journalist (British, I think - they have a way of getting all worked up about stuff) purchased an MBA for his dog.

The story linked to above (The Star, 2008) is interesting because one of the people featured used her fake BA to get into Osgoode. She'd have had to legitimately pass a legitimate LSAT with a fantastic score as well, and she was a year away from graduating when the article was printed, and she'd already lined up a legal job, so that should tell you how useless a real degree is anyway. So why not get a fake one?

Now, an MBA is rather useless. Every moron has one nowadays, and you may as well just tattoo the word "useless wanker" on your forehead. But I'd certainly be happy to get something like a Masters in Divinity.

Even better would be a Ph.D. from "the United Nations Institute for Training and Research for courses in Global Terrorism".

Or why not both?

It's something on my bucket list, and it'll come in useful if I ever lose my job and decide to turn to a life of Evil.

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