Friday, July 25, 2014

Special extra friday video: Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", for Permashave Dave

Here's Pharmasave Dave's favourite singer, with a song inspired by his two years of living hell with the junior miners and how this time he's never ever ever getting back together with them.

Whenever you're tempted to get back into the juniors, Dave, just sing this song.

Hopefully you don't work in an open-concept office or they might think you're a bit weird.


  1. That Taylor Swift, just like the juniors she lures me in with glossy hope in my eyes like a dear in the headlights, all so innocent and wholesome American like apple pie then whammmooo. All my money has evaporated, taken to the cleaners by a dame.

    BTW what do you get when you play your country and western records backwards?

    You get your dog back, your truck back, your wife back.