Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some rare Sunday reading

Here's some stuff I happened across this weekend:

Bespoke - huge week ahead. Q2 GDP is supposed to be a stunner if you ask NDD or Bill McBride; FOMC should be a non-event.

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators summary. Leading indicators are positive and coincident indicators are mixed. As an aside, do you read any other bloggers who know what a "leading indicator" or a "coincident indicator" is?

Caculated Risk - chemical activity barometer. It's a leading indicator for industrial production.

FT beyond brics - Israel just pissed off Brazil. Geez, Israel still hasn't clued in about to how to survive in the new multilateral world, have they?

Billy Bishop - on the corruption crackdown. Sinocism's take on the anti-corruption campaign in China.

Chronicles of Brodrick - it's on like donkey dongs or something. He got his subscribers back into the juniors on Thursday. Good luck with that, Sean, but I'm waiting for confirmation that the trend isn't over. Plus that whole thing about the failure of the Indian monsoon. Past performance is no guarantee of future survival, dude, and I'm scared that there are a lot of other junior gold herdsmen who were thinking exactly what you were.

Vox - Britney Spears is a pop queen, she doesn't have to sing. As an aside, nobody ever seems to complain about Ralf Hütter using a vocoder, and now also a computer voice. Why is that?

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  1. Don't count the monsoon out yet. Good luck to us all