Monday, July 7, 2014

Some Monday news

Here's some stuff to consider:

Calculated Risk - is inflation coming? He notes capacity utilization numbers historically don't necessarily correspond with high inflation.

Ritholtz - a correction is coming, so what? They happen, and they quickly reverse. Just don't listen to the clowns who argue that we're approaching a "blow-off top" or some such nonsense.

Calculated Risk - more on dorms counting as basements. Deeper analysis into the topic.

FT beyond brics - MNCs betting big on India. I guess that is a positive, and assuming Modi can get rid of Vodafone-style crucifixion of foreign multinationals then maybe the money continues to flow into India and they avoid an EM secular bear. I guess it depends on keeping the multinationals greedy enough to invest in a third-world dump instead of the good ol' USA.

IKN - World Cup forecast. I guess that's why he hasn't been posting for the past several weeks.

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