Thursday, July 31, 2014

So how high will VIX go?

$VIX is at 16.5 or so at this second. +3.5SD on the daily is 17, so can it go that high?

I actually don't want to short vix at 17 if it gets there today, cos I think this time it could go higher.

So here's a chart of $VIX with +/-3.5SD on the weekly:

No reason for it except panty-pissing, but it could maybe go to 19 on the weekly.

Maybe I'll sit here and wait, with all the cash I raised by dumping shitty gold miners last week, for $VIX of 19 before shorting it. That would probably be a VVIX of 105-110, wouldn't it?

It's interesting to note btw that there's still no backwardation on the term structure. So this isn't fear of anything immediate.

Who knows? I got a "deadly deal" last week on VIX that I traded for a good fast profit. I think this week I'll wait for an even more "deadly deal". 19 seems about right. If I miss out on the deadly deal, so be it.

Meanwhile no I haven't sold my S&P or my R2K. Because this is bullshit.

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