Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday blog stats fun

Here's the past few hours of searches:

People come to this blog for the funniest reasons.

1. Quite honestly, I get a heck of a lot of mileage out of talking about Daniela Cambone. It seems I always get a big new surge in traffic whenever she interviews someone who is well-respected among creeps and weirdos: the crazies then Google her, usually with the intention of marrying her, and then come to my blog where I explain to them that no, she's married already.

2. Yes, Mila Kunis is maturing, but that's okay because she'll always be a hot babe.

3. Cute kitten gifs are always good for a few clicks.

4. What is it about Katy Perry and the Illuminati? Is it because she used to be a Christian singer, so now the fundie wackaloons have to accuse her of Satanic tendencies? Seriously, guys: she has a fantastic singing voice, and while she's not my thing she does have stunning legs. And she seems to have a great personality too. So why do you have to accuse her of getting help from the Illuminati? If anything, they should be asking her to help them.

5. It is indeed the Lassonde Curve. The most important chart in junior mining.

6. Ha! You'll never know! You gonna try to track me down, bitch? Don't think you can just walk up to me and pop me in the nose like you did Mickey Fulp: I've got no good name to uphold.