Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reminder, it's OpEx

Surprise, surprise! Gold and silver are getting monkey-hammered today in the leadup to OpEx.

I was just saying to someone that I'm ignoring all the bottom-calling from the junior gold anal ysts, because they obviously have mistaken summer gold seasonality for the beginning of a new trend. This either takes ignorance or a conscious desire to mislead.

To the contrary, however, I'm also ignoring today's PM monkey-hammering because it's the leadup to OpEx, and the last time I ignored the hammer I managed to buy the juniors at the bottom and ride a very good month of winning.

Meanwhile, S&P is 8.7 points away from 2000. How bullish do you think the US equity market will get when 2000 breaks? Are you still listening to those clowns who called an imminent top in the S&P every week for the past 3 years?

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