Thursday, July 17, 2014

PS, Angela Merkel just murdered four German citizens.

Here's the initial victim list from MH17:

NATIONALITIES: - 154 Dutch - 27 Australian - 23 Malaysian - 11 Indonesian - 6 British - 4 Germans - 4 Belgians - 3 Filipinos - 1 Canadian

So, Angela Merkel, you are now guilty of murdering four Germans. After all, it's been you who's been sucking Putin's cock for cheap natural gas while the rest of the world has been trying to solve the Ukraine crisis.

I guess it's not that big a deal for her, though, since she also managed to kill 154 Dutch, 27 Aussies, 6 Brits, 4 Belgians and a Canadian. After all, that's a much better point differential than Hitler.


  1. Been reading your blog for some time. You do not seem to buy buulshit put out by general media on latam or gold.

    What makes you go along on Russia / Ukraine? Much more crap on that subject than on all others put together.

    1. I have a degree in Russian, and I can smell bullshit lies a mile away. The truth is easy to see.