Friday, July 4, 2014

New Kaiser blog post on life, the universe, and everything

John Kaiser - understanding the junior resource bear market. Wherein he goes into a long discussion about literally everything. This article is easily 4-5 times as long as any edition of any paid newsletter, and it's the first time he's posted something on his free blog in months, so go read it.

Included are a fantastic dig at Lumina (whose Taca Taca was bought for a miniscule fraction of its $2.25 Cu 10% NPV) and a laugh at your anium ("heavily pumped as a re-ascending star by the Sprott Global complex").

Plus this great observation about hard money goldbugs:

Unfortunately, the belief that gold could be at $2,000 tomorrow is held by a shrinking pool of investors who believe it for reasons that are irrelevant to the resource juniors. Apocalyptic gold bugs have hijacked gold as the symbol for a libertarian ideology that attributes all problems to the absence of an unfettered free market that somehow on its own prevents a free market stifling "winner takes all" outcome. Support for gold has become a rallying cry for the Tea Party. Although elsewhere in the world gold is treated simply as a hedge against human folly, in America gold has been turned into a symbol of allegiance to human folly. This has turned the topic of gold into a pariah of sorts, something to be shunned by people with money who dream of a flourishing future for themselves and their children, who see themselves as dispensers of divine grace rather than righteous punishment, and who recoil at the innate mean-spiritedness and twisted conspiratorial thought of the current owners of the gold narrative. The poisonous politicization of gold has unnecessarily constrained the pool of potential resource sector investors. And the unfortunate outcome is that the de facto owners of the gold narrative by virtue of their apocalyptic mentality have no interest in the resource sector, especially the juniors. The gold narrative needs to be restructured so that it is of interest to the entire political spectrum and offers a reason to expect the higher real prices that are beneficial to the developers and miners of gold.

So go read the only junior mining analyst out there who knows how to write in paragraphs and theses, and the only junior mining analyst out there who has the balls to make fun of goldbugs in front of a full crowd of goldbugs.

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