Sunday, July 27, 2014

NEW FEATURE: Top posts of the week

Josh Brown likes padding his pageviews by re-linking his "top posts of the week", so why not me too?

So here were this week's most popular posts on the blorg:

July 20 - I agree that Mike Shedlock is a fucktard and will go one further. He eventually printed a "correction". Then again, he's got yet more Russians feeding him news now, and he's also calling for economic dooooom in Japan and Europe. Please don't read this fucking clown for "market insight" or you will lose all your money.

July 25 - Gold and the miners: charts for the weekend. The charts got a tad less scary by 4PM, but I really distrust a Friday afternoon ramp-up. Then again, maybe it's all explained by gold OpEx? You better hope so, goldbuggers!

July 25 - PERMASHAVE DAVE SAYS HE'S NEVER COMING BACK TO THE JUNIORS: he'll be back. Nice to see caps-lock falling to #3 this week.

July 26 - EARTH WAS NEARLY DESTROYED IN 2012: here's what you needed to know. Happy to see that doomer pr0n still gets the clicks. This is why we own gold, people!

July 24 - Sarah McLachlan and Frank Giustra. Seems people do actually care if Sarah ends up losing all her money and being forced to move back east, eh? Here's your advice from me, Sarah: buy the fucking SPY (VFV is the Canadian-listed version), then walk away for 5 years.

And speaking of Sarah, here's a PSA for you:

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  1. Nice parody. you might enjoy this one