Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kitco News has a chance to do something interesting

So Kitco News is going to Freedom Fest next week. They will probably interview Steve Forbes and Doug Casey about their views on hating the poor, their rejection of responsibility toward fellow citizens, and (of course) their magical thinking about gold. Oh, and about what a supposed genius Doug Casey is.

But this is interesting: Whole Foods' John Mackey will be there.

Wikipedia - John Mackey.

Now, according to this article, Mackey is still just yet another Objectivist flunkie who worships Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises. The article says he compared the ACA to "fascism", he thinks Americans have no intrinsic right to health care, and he thinks workers should not be allowed to form independent unions to collectively bargain. And he's a climate change denier.

So, on the surface, he's just another Casey/Forbes clone, and Kitco could just do another bullshit interview where they let some rich asshole propound on how we should all hate our fellow citizens and grow rich from greed and viciousness. It wouldn't make the world a better place in any way, but Kitco could still do it.

However, interestingly, he's also a vegan who supports the green tax shift, the humane society, aid for the poor, and he even reduced his salary to $1.

Kitco has an amazing opportunity to interview Mackey on these topics, instead of allowing yet another clown to parrot off yet more Ayn Rand Libertopian bullshit.

Which do you think they'll do?

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