Thursday, July 24, 2014

India monsoon news part two: the monsoonening

Here's some more news, in case you care about several hundred tons of physical gold demand:

Daily News & Analysis - July rainfall helped agriculture to revive. The idea is that dooooom has been slightly averted, for now.

Eco-business - newly-found wind oscillation may keep El Nino at bay. For the amateur climatologists out there. Let's hope this means dooooom doesn't come.

Economic Times - late monsoon makes for hard choices. Quote:
Rafiquddin Mondol, a 45-year-old farmer from Polba-Dadpur block of Hooghly district, is a worried man. He may have to defer his 18-yearold daughter's marriage this November if it does pour in the next one week. "My paddy nursery is ready. But I cannot transplant the saplings as it has not rained and the fields are almost dry," he says.

Irrigating the land himself involves a cruel trade off. "It will double my cost of production, to Rs 40,000," he explains.

"I will not be able to marry off my daughter." Even if it rains now, Mondal says, his production -- and his income -- will be less than normal this year.
Indian weddings have something to do with gold, don't they?

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