Sunday, July 20, 2014

I agree that Mike Shedlock is a fucktard and will go one further

IKN - Mike Shedlock is a fucktard. Where he says:
He's been going tinfoil for quite a while, but today's post in which he tries to pass off a one month old Youtube as a video of the shooting down of MH17, along with conjecture that the plane (which is obviously not MH17) was under control as it dived, is nauseating.
Yes, and in particular I'd like to go one further than Otto, who merely notes the date, and point out the video is of the fucking Antonov that the Russians shot down back in June.

You can tell by the fucking video title, "Под Славянском сбили АН-30".

So I actually went over and read his crazy-ass article, and I can explain why Mish wrote this crap.

He did it so he could get a repost on Zerohedge. It fits perfectly.

But what I find funnier is this article that Mish links to:

Newsmax - Ron Paul says "don't blame Putin for MH-17"

I find it hilarious because the great White hope of the Republican Party, Ron Paul, has now essentially come out as yet another Republican stooge for Vladimir Putin:
The former Republican presidential candidate says that the United States shares responsibility for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

"It's pretty evident that the whole problem in Ukraine started approximately a year ago when the Europeans, along with the United States, overthrew an elected government and overthrew [former Ukrainian President Viktor] Yanukovych — insisting that there'd be civil strife over there," he explained.

The United States instituted sanctions against Russia Tuesday aimed at Russia's financial institutions and defense sector, which Paul considers "acts of war."
I guess that's what happens when you're a goldbug. You start watching Russia Today, and before you know it you've been won over to the side of the Russians.Next thing we know Paul will reject libertarianism in favour of locking gays up in jail and forcing mandatory membership in church.

And what proves Ron Paul is completely out to lunch?
"Under these circumstances, it's very difficult to get the real information so everybody's angling to propagandize and make their position known," he said.

"It'd be unwise to say, well, the Russians did it, or the Ukrainian government did it, or the rebels did it."
Really, grampa? I guess you didn't hear that the Russian-backed rebels bragged that they did it:

This is what happens when you let propaganda on the airwaves, idiots into the blogosphere, and clueless fantasyland goldbugs into politics.


  1. Amazing that narrative exists in the US. Even Russian power brokers (billionaires) are too terrified of Putin to speak out:

  2. I prefer "fukwit" to "fucktard".