Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gold is up, markets down. Ho hum.

So according to CNBC (who I watch for 5 minutes in the morning while having a smoke), the markets went down because

1. people are scared of a shitty little bank in a European backwater that never recovered from the Euro crash;

2. something something Israel;

3. some number out of China;

4. oh and European industrial production hasn't recovered yet.

In reality I think they're selling Europe because they had bought Europe thinking the recovery would take 6 months.

But gold is up, and Rio Alto's up 10% this morning, and the True Gold warrants are almost in the money even. So I don't care, I'm happy.

I actually sold my CIE.TO on Tuesday, but that was cos the chart was starting to look like it was rolling over and I was going to be incommunicado all day (I still work for a living you know).

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