Saturday, July 26, 2014

EARTH WAS NEARLY DESTROYED IN 2012: here's what you needed to know

New York Post - by the way, civilization was nearly destroyed by a solar flare two years ago. It would have taken out all electricity worldwide, which obviously means we all would have died.

This is why we own gold, people!!


  1. When you wrote "RIOM is below its short-term EMA and MACD is down. Thus the uptrend is over. Same for all the other miners I'm interested in" the stock was at U$2.33. As it closed at U$2.40 and above the short-term EMA (i presume the MACD reversed too, but will stand corrected), how does that fit in?

    1) TA load of bunkum
    2) Still right call
    3) Changed mind

    kinda interested, what with the combo of limited knowledge of TA and crapload of i own and all that.

    1. The move back to the EMA happened on puny volume at the end of a Friday, and all it did was get prices back up to the Bollinger mean. So I'm agnostic for now but less uninterested than before. I'd want to see volume move back in strongly.

      I guess it depends on what the price of gold decides to do, since that chart still looks scary and I don't like the near-term fundies for gold as I think I've made perfectly clear Sahib. Then again, look at the wild-ass volume showing up now on the weekly chart for GDXJ.

      MACD hasn't reversed btw, but that's a slow signal.

      I'm just making all this TA shit up btw. But the short-term EMA signal keeps me out of down markets.

  2. Gold? I'd own a portable generator instead.