Thursday, July 17, 2014

CONFIRMED, THE RUSSKIES DID IT: here's why stupid people should avoid using Twitter (update 2)

Photo confirmation, courtesy of Fark:

Translation: the Russky agents in the Donbas bragging back in June about seizing a Buk anti-aircraft system from the Ukrainians. The Buk is capable of shooting down an airliner at altitude.

Translation: the Russky agents in the Donbas bragging about shooting down a military transport near Progress mine, around the time that the Malaysian airliner was shot down.

Moral of the story: don't post on Twitter or Vkontakte when you're drunk or stupid. This includes Russians.

Case closed, last one out please turn off the light.

UPDATE: but wait there's more!

You really must have a tiny dick to have to brag about the materiel you captured. Most armies keep that stuff secret. Here's a good reason why today.

Because they realize they dun goofed.

UPDATE 2: The Guardian on the Buks, because no other news agency is covering this angle yet, being stupid.

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