Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blog stats fun: my god will you all get a life edition


1. Obvious. That's my blog name. Nice to see it's becoming infamous after only something like three years of hard work.

2. and 3. I guess Daniela's interviewed some famous nitwit again, and the nitwit's followers all have a crush on her now, so they're googlestalking her. I'll go check the Kitco Youtube channel when I get home, but it's probably just some Libertopian cipher like Steve Forbes or Ron Paul again.

4. Yes, that Body Remix/Les Variations Goldberg is a freakin' weird piece of modern dance right there.

5. Yes, I guess she is. It's summer after all. She should try these new Palm Bay Key Lime Cherry freezie alcopops I just found at the LCBO. They're awesome. Unfortunately my employer was apparently recently taken over by fundamentalist puritan Southern Baptist moralizing idiots, so I can't give you a link because "alcohol" is now a banned topic on our internet.

Seriously. The webpage category "alcohol" is banned. This is the same bunch of overpaid upper-management clowns that banned our yearly playoff hockey pool because it's "gambling" and would lead to broken families or sin or some such bullshit.

The moral of this story is, if you're working at a perfectly good Canadian company, and they start buying out American companies and promoting idiot Americans to the management structure, you need to goddamn well leave before they turn into the fucking 100 Huntley Street.

6. Yes she is, we went over this already.

7. "Mila Kunis in panties" is always a good earner, both on this blog and in Hollywood. In fact, Mila should maybe start up a youtube channel where she models underwear: it'd make her a frickin' fortune. Then again, Mila already invested in the S&P back in March 2013 while all the idiot doomers were calling a market top. So why would she need to show off her admittedly gorgeous body for a few advertising pennies when she's already made untold millions with her investments? Just to make me happy, maybe?

8. My god, Canadians are so goddamn lame when Sarah M and Geoff C are the newest "it" couple. What, is everyone already tired of Avril Lavigne and Horseface The Braying Tonedeaf Douchenozzle?

9. I don't remember mentioning "super volcano the movie".

10. Italy. Bit of a funny accent though, definitely not from the south.

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