Wednesday, June 11, 2014

World Cup opinions

IKN will lurve this:

Japan thinks that England plays the second-most beautiful soccer, which just goes to show you that raw seafood really does inflict you with brain parasites.

Argentina is the only country that thinks Argentina will win, which puts them up with the USA in the running for "most self-centred country". Do they think Messi will single-handedly win every game for them? Oh, and they're also rooting against England, probably because of that whole Falkland Islands thing.

Russians think they have a chance to win the World Cup, which is yet more proof that they're living in a meticulously-constructed fantasy world.

Greece is rooting against Germany; Spain is also rooting against Germany. Which is obvious considering which EU country maliciously destroyed their economies after spending the last ten years growing rich off of them. Speaking of which, I'll bet Spain beats Germany if they meet. Emotion has to count for something; also, German minds fall to pieces when tormented by subconscious guilt. Any takers?


  1. Of slight interest: Nobody picks Germany as #1 choice for winner, even though they're solid 3rd favs and with a real chance. The rest is unsuprising (incl USA picking USA).

    Dude, picking Brazil in Brazil is so obvious. Argentina not picking Brazil is so obvious too (know your enemy and all that). Thing with that one is Brazilians don't even want to say the word 'Argentina' out loud for the next four or five week, they know they're the one team that has realistic chances of beating Brazil in Brazil.

    I see nobody bothered to aks Uruguay. Google the word "Maracanazo" for the other Brazilian nightmare scenario.

    FWIW i'll be supporting Argentina. Have done since 1998, will do forever after. But if I were to bet on the tourney, my money would be on Brazil.

    Dark horses Italy.
    Outsider I'll be cheering for Chile.
    A piece of my heart Honduras.

    And jeez enough media bullshit already, let's start the thing.

    1. Supporting Argentina? After all those British lives were lost defending Her Majesty's empire from Argentinian aggression?

    2. PS: I've read that "Maracanazo" is "considered a national tragedy" and "often compared to the bombing of Hiroshima".

  2. If Argentina wins 10s of thousands will die in Brazil as a result. They may be able tto keep it below quadruple digits if Brazil comes out on top.

    Funniest (depressing) takedown I've seen of FIFA I've seen - from John Oliver:

  3. I don't see Germany not making it through their bracket. Portugal not as strong as in the past, even disregarding Ronaldo being a bit hobbled. The heat will probably do them in eventually.

    Only way Argentina has a strong showing is if Messi finally figures out how to put it together on the world cup stage.

    A lot of people have Belgium as the dark horse. If the WC were in Europe, I'd agree. Balanced squad with sneaky talent. I just don't see a European team winning it on South American soil. Especially in Brazil.

    1. Either my double negative didn't work, or "making it through" is unacceptable. I'm not sure which.

    2. OK I see. You DON'T see them NOT making it out of their bracket. Thus you DO see them YES making it out of their bracket.

      Sorry, I spent 4 years learning a language where multiple negatives are concordant.

  4. Though Spain has a shot, due to tactics alone. Pure possession fĂștbol making the o the team chase. We will see if tactics can mask their age issues in the heart.

    I don't see Brazil loading this thing. Usual home country advantage x3, added to the fact fact they have one of the soundest sides in the world.

    Over under on the number of calls Neymar gets? If I'm a red in Brazil, I'm making 90%+ of my calls for the home team and no significant calls aha against.

  5. Holy crap, auto complete/correct butchered that post above. Barely decipherable.

    1. My own autocomplete usually replaces everything with swear words. Often gaelic ones.

      But that feature comes in handy if one spends most of one's time sexting with Scottish girls.

  6. Soccer? I'd rather watch paint dry.