Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tommy Humphreys: either surprisingly witty or just writes in English bad

I'll go fish out the actual YouTube videos later, maybe, when I'm at home (work blocks YT, due to productivity or something). But here are some things Tommy Hump put up on his site: - Laurence Roulston interviewed by the fabulously cute Vanessa Collette. Quote:
Roulston told his interviewer that the junior mining stock market is going to be low, albeit with quality projects receiving adequate finance, until retail investors come back into the sector and Roulston doesn’t see that happening for one or two more years. - John Kaiser interviewed by the loveable and cuddly Vanessa Collette. Quote:
"Right now the glass is worse than half empty, it’s like everything is a failure before it begins.” - Brent Cook interviewed by the effervescent, illuminous evening star that could only be Vanessa Collette. Here's the hilarious quote:
The rest of 2014 will be ugly, according to Mr. Cook, with 2015 and 2016 setting up to be more positive for the junior mining sector, simply because on that timeframe, majors need new deposits to mine badly.

And if there's one thing that gold miners know how to do, it's mine deposits badly. Amirite?

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  1. Vanessa distracted me and I didn't absorb anything those guys said. Is gold going to $5,000 now like Jim Sinclair promised? Dooooom!!!