Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Three extra reads on emerging markets

Found some more stuff:

Ritholtz - US or EM? Wherein he posts this chart:

And then he says "aw hell, EMs gotta mean revert someday, no?" Which is a nice theory, as long as you completely ignore the problems of money flows, inflation and debt.

By the way, Barry... that chart? Above? If you want to talk about mean reversion of trends, that chart seems to have a dataset of three trends over 25 years. A dataset of three isn't much to go on.

FT beyond brics - Modi's challenge: manufacturing jobs. If only India was able to manufacture anything that the rest of the world would want to buy.

New Yorker - Vancouver's international housing market. I like the euphemisms:
And Vancouver, which has a large Chinese population, easy access to the Pacific Rim, and nice weather, has become a magnet for Chinese investors looking for insurance against uncertainty.
Well, yes, "uncertainty". As in, some minor government official feels uncertain that he'll be able to avoid getting executed once the Party figures out that he's embezzled $100 million.

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