Friday, June 6, 2014

The story of Not the Nine O'clock News

In case you haven't been watching, the UK has produced pretty much nothing of value in the past ten years. If BSE had gone airborne, mutated into the rage virus and killed everyone in England in 2005, there are only three things that the world would be the lesser for not having:

1. the sweet and cuddly Victoria Hesketh,

2. season 1 of Skins, or at least those parts of it with hyperfemme uberfatale Cassie Ainsworth:

3. the syphilis that eventually kills Thom Fucking Yorke, or at least makes him stumble in front of a bus filled with children.

Perhaps because of this, the UK has seen an onslaught of "retrospective documentaries" these past few years. Lots of programming space to fill, between all the repeats of QI.

I just happened across this one about Not the Nine O'clock News, and I thought I'd share it with you:

If that doesn't interest you, here's some more Cassie Ainsworth:

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