Friday, June 20, 2014

Some reading and snark

Here's a few newsbits:

Guggenheim Investments - China the US and the EZ are all improving. They forgot Japan. Japan is also improving.

BI - If China were going to have a hard landing we'd have heard about it by now. It's sarcasm, so it must be true. I've personally been hearing about China DOOOOOM since 2012, and I'm getting tired to waiting for it to happen.

FT Alphaville - India's power deficit. Yet another mountain that Modi's going to have to move. Also, read the comments for some boots-on-the-ground insight into other problems in India. Jim O'Neill's a smart guy, but I'd like to know how plausible he thinks this whole India optimism thing is.

IKN - I told you to buy, didn't I? Whereupon I hoist him upon his own petard:

Consider your petard well hoisted!


  1. Doesn't count: IKN isn't a newsletter, it's just a pathetic little-read gossip rag that passes on unsourced, dubious and almost certainly false M&A chatter.
    Therefore to quote Dr. House in Blackadder: "Ha!"

  2. You forgot the "I sell the stock you bought on the pump" that exists somewhere in the middle there.

    Side note, Otto, how's your permaboner after Messi's heroics today?

    1. Ha ha yes IKN has a mancrush on Messi.

      Argentina will never get past the Netherlands. In fact they probably won't get past Costa Rica.

    2. The question is, refereeing aside, does Brazil make it all the way? They look more vulnerable than several of the lesser South American sides.

      Love Costa Rica's team play. And they have more talent than people give them credit for. Joe Campbell might be playing for Arsenal next year if he keeps this up.