Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Some morning reads, this time with real goldbug commentary!

Here's some stuff:

Liz Ann Sonders - on the pause in US housing. Good long article from a real analyst.

CEO.ca - more on The Clive buying Papillon. Apparently Brent Cook likes Papillon? So... this is a good deal, then? Or is it just a good deal for Cookie?

FP - Peter Koven on explorecos sucking™ and pot. With commentary from Stan Bharti and John Kaiser. Speaking of which... hey John, it would be neat to compile the data for all the financing deals since, say, 2011, and see what the rate of return was on those deals. Because, y'know, if the junior world in aggregate loses 90% of the money that capital invests in it, then damn right the industry is going to disappear.

Or perhaps be replaced by a state-run model like that in China.

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