Friday, June 6, 2014

Some evening news

Some more stuff:

Bespoke - financial sector default risk plummets. If the crash is imminent, why are CDSes priced so low?

Reuters - monsoon rains reach Kerala coast. Tamblyn's away, my boys!

New Deal Demoncrat - Joe Wiesenthal needs to start reading my weekly indicators. Quote:
I guess Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider must have stopped reading my Weekly Indicators columns, because otherwise he would have known two weekends ago that Gallup personal spending is at its highest since 2008, instead of posting it on Monday, and he would have known about the Spring spring two months ago instead of yesterday.


So BI readers could have found out about the downturn in corporate profits, and why it isn't a big deal yet, last week instead of waiting to Hussman and Shedlock yesterday to claim it as a harbinger of DOOOOOM!

Cue the Gregory House "oh snap" animated gif!

BTW NDD, Joey the Weasel doesn't need to read anything. He's always going to post clowns like Hussman and Shedlock, because he's selling clicks, not actionable information.

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