Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Some afternoon reading

Here are some more articles to waste your time with when you could just buy SPY and go away for the next ten years:

Bespoke - the volatility collapse story has become such a fad that we're even going to talk about it in the context of the cost of hiring dry bulk carriers. Stick a fork in it, it's overplayed now.

FT Alphaville - the US auto fleet is getting old. Sure... then again, older people have older cars. I'd like to see some demographic analysis, please. - gold vs us real rates chart shows a rally should come. Sure, if only gold demand had anything whatsoever to do with US real rates and bond yields aren't expected to rise in a secular lowflation environment.

IKN - The Clive and friends puked >3M shares right before announcing the Papillon deal. Therefore they're evil, unlike Lex Blackthor who never ever sold Rio Alto shares at $5. - Goldman Sachs buys Ecuador's bullion, dump into market imminent. What was that I was just saying earlier today about EM central banks being pressured to sell their gold? 
George Gero, a vice president and precious-metals strategist in New York at RBC Capital Markets told Bloomberg: "It’s really a puzzling transaction. The idea that there was a large sale and you don’t know when it will come out into the market is probably pressuring prices."
Yeah... 19.4 tons sold into the market? Ooo, that'll really cave the price. Ooo. Especially if Goldman Sachs forgets to hedge the sale, which you'd not expect them to do given they're in the business of making money. Try again George.

Mineweb - new Ollachea DFS boosts outlook for IRL. Wow! The stock must have really popped on this news!:

Er... wow! I guess! Um... 40,000 shares? Um... wow!

Gawker - Maureen Dowd is a lightweight who can't handle her dope, therefore it should be banned in the USA. Seriously, who the fuck cares what Maureen Dowd says? Is she supposed to be an expert at something?


  1. Maureen Dowd should invest in some Canadian junior pot miners.

    1. Our upcoming summer drill program stands a good chance to strike weed down there somewhere. Jimbo who runs the reverse circular drill rig took a huge bong hit before he cranked 'er up last week and said "Man, this is some good shit! We think he was talking about the core samples but we're not sure, our CEO spaced out and mis-dialed the conference call where he was gonna tell the world all about it.

      So buy buy buy our shitty exploreco stock now, before the price gets really high, or we get really high. Hell, who can tell the difference, right? Oh, Canada!!