Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sarah McLachlan: soon to be a major investor in gold explorecos?

So, apparently, Sarah McLachlan is dating former hockey player Geoff Courtnall, so tiny is the Canadian famous people scene that it's inevitable for two horribly unlikely people to meet and go out.

Anyway, you might remember Geoff Courtnall from Lupaka Gold, the company which eventually sank like a stone on terrible metallurgy results, after having already merged with Andean-American.

Here's Al Korelin interviewing Geoff a couple years ago, where after 3:40 he talks about how he founded Lupaka and raised money for its IPO:

So I wouldn't be surprised if, in the next year or two, Sarah puts some money into an ill-advised investment in a llama-pasture exploreco somewhere. She's now running with the Vancouver Venture crowd, after all, and she has money, and boy junior mining does so damn well as an investment, doesn't it?

Oh well. SOCAN cheques mean she'll always have enough money for food and shelter. If things get tight maybe she has to move into a mobile home down east, but that's not such a bad life, is it?

Oh, by the way...

Completely unrelated to the topic of founding and managing a junior gold exploreco, here's Geoff talking about the post-concussion syndrome that forced an end to his NHL career:


  1. Dave "Tiger" Williams was a phone jockey IR guy for a while then went on the boards of a few other flops here in Vancouver.

  2. Oooooo scandal