Friday, June 6, 2014

Our new sweetheart Vanessa Collette interviews three guys

As promised, here's Vanessa Collette's interviews.

Lawrence Roulston points out that there has indeed been money coming into the junior market, and it's been in the form of buyouts:

And Roulston's finally joined the boat on putting the boots to crooked exploreco management. And he's not scared about China.

Brent Cook says you may as well go hang out in the Caribbean for the next 6 months, the whole market is still dead and nobody's interested in coming back:

Too bad you can't get into Cuba, Cookie! A week in Varadero all-inclusive is something like $300! And "all-inclusive" means booze too! Sure must suck to live in a country that'll throw you in jail for doing business with Cubans, eh?

John Kaiser says blah blah scandium:

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