Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday morning news

Here's some stuff to get you rolling:

New Deal Demoncrat - smoking hot start to June. I like the cattiness of the new NDD:
In the last few days, it has been ruefully amusing to watch Doomers come out the woodwork to suddenly discover a story in the first quarter GDP, when we were watching the actual story happen in this data in real time three and four months ago.
Which is true. He was worrying about Q1 back when Q1 was happening. Because he has the weekly indicators, which give you the state of the economy in real time. Which you should be watching, instead of backward-looking data.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - cake bubbles and art bubbles. He's clued in to what I just posted:
Art is the ultimate anti-commodity. There’s only one of everything and if you want it, the price can be based on nothing but your own desire to have it versus the next most covetous maniac – there are no replacement values to be factored in.
So... bullish gold then, Josh?

FT Alphaville - the recovery of global goods demand. No shit? It's up because the US and Japan are booming, you say? I was there first.

The Krugginator - Europe's age of diminished expectations. Apparently, people expect Europe to remain depressed for a long time. I entirely blame the Germans, of course. So you can go contra the herd if you want; I however have spent a few years watching Europe being led stupidly by the Teutonic brigade, so I'm not as willing to go bullish EZ.

Bloomberg - Modi targets $2T in assets held overseas. Ha! Good luck with that, buddy!

FT beyond brics - illuminating China's shadows. Some ideas for you, in case you're interested.

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