Monday, June 2, 2014

Justin Trudeau kicking out anti-abortion "Liberals"

The Canadian media is also having a lot of fun with the recent decision by Justin Trudeau to not allow non-incumbent Liberals to run in an election unless they're pro-choice.

Various Catholics are wading into the fray, screaming that Trudeau should be ex-communicated, and that he is committing a grave injustice against Christians.

Lemme 'splain something, even clearer than Junior did in the linked article above.

If you're elected into a government, your job is to legislate on behalf of all Canadians, not just those who agree with e.g. your religion.

So, in the case of a Catholic MP, your job is to pass laws that represent all Canadians, not just your stupid religion. There are Canadians who are members of other religions, and there are Canadians who are members of no religions, and you as an MP are supposed to be voting based on what is best for them, not what your own religion (supposedly) says (on those few days when you bother to obey it).

Under a pro-choice government, you as a Catholic have a right to follow your own ethical decisions, based on (the) religious teachings (you've decided not to ignore today), and not have an abortion. All Catholics in Canada presently have a right to not have an abortion. The same right is extended in our country to Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, and everyone else.

But in Canada, we've also extended the right to all people (religious and non-religious) to make their own ethical decision on abortion. That has already been decided, it is law, and we're not going back on that.

What Junior basically is saying is that, as a Catholic, a politician has no right to enforce his (and it's always his) own ethical decisions on all citizens of the country if they're nothing more than religious dogma.

The Canadian government is not supposed to have any laws that are based on Catholic dogma, or those few parts of Catholic dogma that politicians believe in; that's because we're a secular country, not a Catholic country. If you want to live in a Catholic country, go to fucking Ireland.

So, if you're planning on running in the next election for the Liberals, Junior is totally cool with you being against abortion, as long as you vote in favour of citizens' freedom of choice.

Me personally? I'm against abortion. I'd never have an abortion, and I think it's unethical to have an abortion in most cases; but then again I don't have the girly parts to have an abortion so I accept that my opinion is moot. But I'm also in favour of other people having the right to make their own ethical decision, pursuant to the laws we already have on the books.

So basically, I'm anti-abortion and pro-choice, and maybe that's cos I'm not as much of an asshole as your average fundamentalist wackaloon.

It's so damn disgusting to see this fundamental tenet of democracy completely ignored by the entire supposedly-democratic world: a government is supposed to legislate on behalf of all its citizens. Not just the ones who hold the same beliefs as the people in government.

Literally, this country is becoming grossly undemocratic, and it's mainly because of idiot right-wing fundamentalist buffoons who spread vicious anti-democratic, fascist bullshit about how any religious nutter lucky enough to win elections should be allowed to legislate his fruitcake Nazi ethics for the whole country.

That is not democracy. We don't elect kings in democracy; we are supposed to elect servants. And if all people have the right to vote, then all people have the right to be served - not just those who voted for the winners. Ignorance of this is the beginning of fucking fascism.

As for Junior? I never had any respect for him before - I don't support anyone just cos I liked his daddy. But this hard stance by Justin Trudeau, against the arrogance of religious fundamentalists, has made me suspect that maybe this kid has inherited a nuanced intellectual understanding of fundamental democratic principles from his father. I'd rather see him in power than some cunt who wants to rule on behalf of a minority of the population, like Harper.

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